Exciting new product from DNG manufactured in Iceland replacing traditional handbaiting with a computerised jigging reel. The DNG Jigging Reel has the capacity of a 1-30 hook setup targeting bottom-midwater fishing species, and can be height configured to target squid, mackerel, cod, halibut etc. You can sequence 6-8 units for a one man operation and each unit offers low power consumption running off a 12v or 24v battery

Fish caught by jigging reels fetches the highest price category in today’s market.

- More Power
- Higher Catches
- Better Economy
- Low Power Consumption
- Completely Waterproof
- Unlimited Possibility of Adjustment
- Minimal maintenance
- 2 year guarantee


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The DNG computerised jigging reel is a fully automatic fishing device. It pays out the line and detects when the sinker hits the bottom, positions the hooks at a desired depth and performs jigging action customised by each individual user. The user can customise jigging speed, frequence and type. The reel detects when fish bite the hooks and hauls the catch up to the surface. The user fully controls all parameters of the jigging and can also set additional parameters relating to weather, ocean currents and bottom conditions.

A large graphical screen on the control panel shows depth and all settings. The screen is user friendly and offers endless possibilities and is designed to endure harsh conditions and colours have been selected to minimise the impact of weather and sunlight on the panel and display. The DNG jigging reel has many different fishing methods in fixed memory aimed to fish species such as cod, pollock, mackerel and squid.

The device is very reliable and is protected against polarity reversal and too high or too low voltage. It can operate on 12-24v and will adapt automatically to the connected voltage from 12-24v.

The DNG jigging reel can inform the user when coming up with fish. The device does so by signalling two short whistle blasts when the reel detects fish and two long with it has hauled in the line. The reel also displays the depth in which the fish is caught. The reels can communicate, in a manner to keep the fish beneath the boat as long as possible, by ensuring that at least one reel remains jigging while others haul to deliver fish.

The DNG jigging reel needs minimum maintenance which is very important, considering the demanding environment the reel is used in.

Technical Specifications:

Weight: 16.7kg
Power Consumption: 72W – Max. 250W
Voltage: 12 – 24V
Average Current: 3A for 24V – 6A for 12V
Display Depth:  0 –999m